Monday, January 25, 2010

MIB 菩提之夜 2010 (恩之音,乐之源)

This is the first video that I created using Aftereffect and Moviemaker. Your comments are most welcomed^^

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MIB 菩提之夜 2010



MIB (Malam Irama Bohdi)


今年的主题是 <<恩之音 , 乐之源>>


日期 :2月10号

时间 :7pm

地点 :马大 KPS Audi

门票 :RM5

详情可联络 :
Frederick 017-7168640
Wee See Yee 017-6880041

Sunday, January 10, 2010

After 2 mths...

Hi everyone, Happy belated New Year...haha...this is my 1st post after 2 months, reason for it : too busy...No is just a lame excuse being busy, maybe an acceptable 1 will be lazy ! haha...

So, what happened during my 2 mths off-blogging ??? haha....

After my last post, I went for my own trip, a 26 days trip around northern part of malaysia. I started my journey on 20/11 to PJ for a preparation camp of PBUM (Persatuan Buddhist University Malaya) yearly camping.

On 23/11, I fly to Penang for "Hui Xiang" or in malay "Balik Kampung". It was about visiting my "god-family" in Gertak Sanggul, I missed them so much...haha..."them" refer to the seafood and of coz my god-family la...

After that, I followed my XX(Xia Xiang)gang to Butterworth and it is another trip for food !! We hunt all best food in Penang Island and Butterworth. Those cendol, kuey tiao goreng, guo tiao soup, tisu laksa and tom yam cintan mee were still in my memory. I tested it and it wont be the last time for me, becos really G.O.D food, really G.O.D.....haha......

From 30/11-7/12, I was attending a meditation camp at Ipoh. This is a spiritual camp that teached me how to more calm n followed the step to learn the proper way of meditation.

8/12-15/12, I was in Taiping for the PBUM`s yearly camp. This is the 19th annual camp of PBUM. In chinese, "第十九届马大佛青生活营", I was the ajk of the camp, nice n great camp. I was touched by the teaching and contribution of all the ajks n the shi fu, I hope I managed to join it again in future !

After 26 days, I went back to my hometown enjoying my remaining holidays and I felt relax at home la..watching movie all day all night..haha..continue wif part 2 about MIB and basketball match...