Thursday, August 28, 2008


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第五,華人選票吃了秤陀鐵了心,倒向安華,顯示308大選的轉向,不是意外,且更加強化。一些華人集中區,如十字路(Kg Cross Street)和伯拉必路(Berapit Road),竟然90%選票歸安華所有,難以想像。






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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A photostat machine did it better than U..Really !

Today i learn something from my maths lecturer.....Plagiarism is sth very very bad....U cant learn anything from copying...A photostat machine can it do better than U....

How it starts ? My dear dear tutor come in as usual to "teach" us "sth" during tutorial class...We as usual ready to "learn" sth that we "hope"...Suddenly, my dear Dr. come in to join the tutorial....I can still remember clearly.....The tutor`s face turn dark and a bit green feeling is sth like"An eye for an eye"....dunno y ? I feel extremely happy..

Actually i dun feel like to talk about him here...but i cant hide my desire to "shoot" him...haha...Wat a lame tutor come in without preparing anything and start teaching...

Funny things happened, the tutor run a .java file in a IDE(Intergrated Development Environment eg: JCreator for Java programming) wrongly and keep on trying to do some nonsenses in tat IDE...everyone start whispering and shaking their head....can u imagine a master tutor make a mistake like this by running it into debugging mode....Whole class can feel the shockness of the lecturer and Finally the Dr. take over the class and teach....the Dr. also hav many " ? ? ? " right there...

If U did sth wrong please think of it...y ? If ppl start talking back abt U...pls think y ? Is that ur altitude prob or wat....y we prefer the other tutor much more than U....

Reason ? Plagiarism !

Dr. said that the tutor is just copy n paste wat he gave.....and lack of preparation n understanding cause the situation worse...

Wat i learn is tat......Plagiarism help nth....Photostat machine did it better...Although "sometime" we are copying but from today onwards...i will try my best to avoid it...It is sad to copy and it is even sad tat a good lecturer leaving us because of some unavoidable reasons mostly happened in this country ..

SO.....Frens start doing ur assignment now and SAY NO to PLAGIARISM.....

Thing is better when it is in beginning...

Thing is better when it is in beginning...

Hello...Glad to see you all here...I am Frederick, owner for this blog...I created this blog for the purpose of sharing my life`s experience wif u all..knowing more abt me in my blog..for my frens and anyone in the World Wide Web...bcos sometimes we hardly meet each other and u can check out my latest news here...haha.....

Come to My .a bit weird to introduce by myself...but have to...

My Name is Frederick @ Kang Swee Yow, 20, M, Malaysian...two small eyes, african black`s skin, smile wth a dimpled, a zhuai zhuai de face...staying at PJ right now but my hometown is Kluang, Johor. Studying in University Malaya taking bachelor in Information Technology and a very ordinary student...going to be extraordinary in future...just mabye...haha..^_^