Sunday, December 21, 2008

Funny Comment about Selling Computer

I read this funny comment at slashdot about selling computer :

"Computers are funny from a marketing standpoint.
They are purchased by people that don't know anything about them.
Sold by people that don't know much about them and
supported by people that don't even speak the same language(wif computer).

Selling computers therefore is a the most perfect example of marketing at work. Your customer doesn't know ANYTHING about the product in question, and so wants the one that he's heard the most about. So the customer buys what is best advertised."

p/s : In my opinion, the best selling product in computing field is not necessary the best in can only be consider the best "marketing scheme"...So, do some research on the product 1st before u buy it...Adv = cheating in certain pt of view..

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