Friday, August 21, 2009

Movie : Einstein And Eddington

Recently, I watched a movie titled "Einstein and Eddington", It is about the time when Albert Einstein(Andy Serkis) moved from Switzerland to Germany and doing research on his great general theory of relativity.

By the time, British having some conflicts with Germany(killings happened when gas attack) and the politician stop the interactions between Germany and British scientists. But, Sir Arthur Eddington(David Tennant), a English man who found some deviation in the calculation for Mercury based on Newton`s theory and he wrote to Einstein to find out the answer.

Einstein reply him with the answer based on his theory, by the time Einstein`s theory does not have any evidence or prove, his theory was an unknown. Eddington went to Afrika to capture some photos when eclipse to prove that Einstein is right and same time Newton made some mistake. Nice Movie. Watched it !!!

Trailer for Einstein And Eddington :

Einstein explains his famous formula(E=mc²) :

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