Friday, November 6, 2009

8 hours more to go for my FM Final !!!

I was studying half way, how to define half-way ?

Half-way : Got 3 more scary chapters...

I was about to sleep, how to define about to sleep ?

About to sleep : Wanna sleep but cant sleep since got 3 more chapters...this kind of feeling is like u saw ppl eating KFC, you really really wanna eat it, you got money, you are hungry but you are puasa...tak boleh makan pun...tak buka puasa lagi....~~~>~...errrgggggg....

I was bored, how to define bored ?

Bored : A special feeling that cant explain in a logical way, you "ming ming" got important stuff to do but you dun feel like to do and you keep thinking about photography.....poison too much liao...

I was blogging, how to define blogging ?

Blogging : Writing my feeling down and wanna complaint it or express it to the World Wide Web...but after complaining....I still need to get back to my seat and continue the rest of the FM...So wish me good luck 8hrs later...

Lastly, I felt Prof. Susan is so kind, elegant and pretty ! How to define kind, elegant and pretty ?

kind, elegant and pretty :
import java.util.Random;

public class Fmfortunetelling {

public static void main(String[] args) {

int FM_Final = 0;
int Easy;
int randomnum;

Random randomGenerator = new Random();
randomnum = randomGenerator.nextInt(100);

Easy = randomnum%2;

if(FM_Final == Easy)

System.out.print("Prof. Susan is so kind, elegant and pretty !");


System.out.print("Retake FM next sem...NO.....");




Wanna know the result ?
The result as below :

Prof. Susan is so kind, elegant and pretty !
BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 6 seconds)




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